Birleştirmeli sıralama algoritması, bir diziyi sıralamaya yaraya algoritmadır.

  • En kötü durum performansı: O(n logn)
  • En iyi durum performansı: O(n logn)

Sözde kodEdit

function merge_sort(list m)
    // if list size is 1, consider it sorted and return it
    if length(m) <= 1
        return m
    // else list size is > 1, so split the list into two sublists
    var list left, right
    var integer middle = length(m) / 2
    for each x in m up to middle
         add x to left
    for each x in m after or equal middle
         add x to right
    // recursively call merge_sort() to further split each sublist
    // until sublist size is 1
    left = merge_sort(left)
    right = merge_sort(right)
    // merge the sublists returned from prior calls to merge_sort()
    // and return the resulting merged sublist
    return merge(left, right)

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